Tony Moly - Delight Tony Tint Review ♡

Recently I purchased a Delight Tony Moly Tint which was 9ml and only £2:85 including shipping which is very cheap!! Which I brought from a Ebay seller named - BeautyNetKorea (they also have their own website)
I've had my eye on this lip tint for a while & after watching a verity of makeup tutorials and korean beauty shows I convinced myself to buy it - as I knew it would have a multiple of benefits.

So I received the package like this, it was tightly packed and as soon as i opened it I knew it was packaged with care as the product was tightly wrapped in bubble wrap~ I can't exactly remember when I purchased this but I knew it took a week or so to arrive.
With the lip tint came two free samples which consisted of Etude House - Nymph Aura Volumer and TONYMOLY - Panda Dream White Hand Cream (I was so happy when I saw this because I love pandas!!)
I'm yet to try these products out, but I think it's always such a sweet gesture adding samples into packages!

Smell: The smell of the product is very nice, the smell reminds me of a mixture of cherries and grapes yum! 
Packaging: The packaging is just a tube shape which is very easy to grip - and as you can see the top part of the lip tint is in the shape of a heart which makes it extra cute. The applicator is really good at picking up and applying the tint onto your lips, it is also slightly angled which makes it easier for all the lip tint to be spread evenly on the lips. 
Colour: The colour is red which is very pigmented which makes it appear bright and noticeable which is personally what I love about the product. It dries really quickly so it is best to bend it quickly if you don't want to see stain patches on your lips! ( it's best to use a cotton swap to blend it out as the tint does stain fingers) Although it is really vibrant, it gives a really pretty and natural colour if you apply little dots and blend.
Consistency: it is very quite runny/ watery but I guess this is why it makes it easier to apply.
As you can by the image the tint does stay on for quite a while, after I washed my hands (slightly) some of the tint was left back. But whenever I have the tint on my lips after a while it does fade depending on how much I put on ;-;
Edit: I took these photos in the evening & it's now 11:35pm and it's still on but slightly more faded.

Here are two photos of me wearing the lip tint, the first photo is in natural bright lighting & the second was in quite dim lighting^^

Pros ~
  • Pretty colour 
  • Quite cheap
  • Really handy for travelling
  • Applicator is really great in picking up the tint 
  • A little goes a long way
  • The smell
Cons ~
  • Does not last long on the lips 
  • Does tend to dry your lips
Overall Rating: 4.5/5
Overall I love this product and will most likely repurchase it, the only reason why I didn't give it the full 5/5 is due to the fact it doesn't last on the lips.

-Love Li

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