fcp tuesday

Just a really quick post today, in one of my seminars last Tuesdays titled - fcp tuesday we were given a short activity to do by one of the tutors. Since our fragrance photo shoots are soon, throughout the week the perspective of photography and just photography on a whole has been a main feature within our lectures. 
We where given around twenty minutes or so to walk around the building and photographs from different perspectives, which I thought was quite insightful as it allowed us to view everyday situations that are often missed, in a different perspective. Here are some of the photographs that I took, I didn't want to focus too much on making an image 'perfect' and went for a more candid approach, seen particularly through the last photograph when my friend abruptly walked past whilst I was taking the photograph - nice touch if I say so myself. 
My favourite photo would definitely would have to be the first one, seeing as the photograph has been seen through the perspective of a iphone.

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in conversation with alexandra shulman

Last Wednesday I was very lucky enough to have the opportunity to attend a Q&A like lecture with the one and only Alexandra Shulman, the current editor and chief of British Vogue. Within this lengthy and very inspiring session, Alexandra gave insight to her experience in the industry and what she'll miss and wont miss about working for Vogue. 
Alexandra began her budding career at vogue 25 years ago, which is absolutely insane to think since I wasn't even alive at that time. During this time, this modern day girl boss has celebrated the 100th year anniversary of Vogue, and wrote the book; inside Vogue; a dairy of my 100th year. 

Throughout the session Alexandra touched upon various topics, and we where even given the chance to ask her all of our burning questions..

T R E N D : the mini bag

With an array of different spring/summer trends populating the likes of every social media platform, I thought I would dedicate this post solely to my by far favourite trend at the moment; The Mini Bag. This trend has assured me that good things do come in small packages after all. Though the least practical of items due to their miniature structure, they definitely have been cutest arm / shoulder candy. The Mini bag made quite a few sneaky appearances on various S/S shows where designers downsized their bags, styled with both extravagant as well as minimal outfits; showcasing the Mini bags versatility whatever the shape or design. Although it's always been a fashion favourite for fashion brands over the years, brands such as Chanel, Valentine and Chloe have put their own spin onto things, jazzing up their own interpretation of this big trend. Valentino vision saw lipstick cases being worn round the body, Chanel used made a bag look like a miniature robot, as for Prada, a plush fur was blended with a bright pop printed leather. 
I've always been a bag kind of gal, so the mini bag trend was something that I was 100% for. Likewise with any other accessories I find them to be very versatile in terms of dressing up or down an outfit, depending on the type of bag purchased of course. I tend to find myself gravitating to mini bags that are brightly coloured, have a textured body and feature some sort of embroidery on it: seeing as I normally like to wear them to dress up an outfit. Since I've been sucked into this trend, and frantically adding thousands of mini bags to my wish lists it's pretty safe to say that this trend, isn't going to die down anytime soon. Although you can fit as little as some loose change, and hopefully an iphone I guess it's worth carrying a mini bag around if it isn't practical, but even when practically is necessary, the bag certainty better be stylish. 
It's no surprise that many A-lists celebrities too have supporting this playful trend, my favourite take on the trend was when Rihanna wore the Louis Vuitton palm springs mini backpack, completing her tone down outfit extremely well. I've also shared my favorite street style photography looks with how various different individuals have worn the Mini Bag to fit their own aesthetic. Thanks to Pinterest I've been pinning so many different Mini bags from past runways, which probably isn't the best; but no one can have enough bags. 

Thanks for reading & stay tuned for another trend post! 
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gucci x meme?

The whole Gucci x meme appeared on my instagram feed around three weeks ago, although I'm slightly late to this Meme party, I still thought I'd write up a short post around this unexpected form of advertising. 
First things first I love Memes. I was firstly introduced to the wonderful world of memes through twitter, they're random, wacky, and weirdly relatable on some levels. I believe the art of memes are able to uphold as well as express feelings that are sometimes better said through images; followed by a short witty caption that has little to no content, but almost 9/10 hilarious. 

My favourite memes are possibly the Arhur fist, the "white guy blinking meme" and not forgetting the Kermit the from ones. Memes are pretty much in every situations, feeling down? a meme will probably sum up your current feeling pretty well. I particularly like to use this when I'm too lazy to type out my emotions, or for it to support how i'm feeling. So if I'm happy, a random meme of a guy dancing will probably be supported with this current emotion. Similar to emoji's in a way, but these moving images are often taken from pretty much anything, from cartoon's or a live stream. If it's funny someones bound to record that 30 second clip, and make it into a meme. 


I've been at University for around 6ish months, and I really haven't been utilizing the space I've been living in, I often forget how easy it can be to be your own photographer in that sense and have your own mini "photoshoot" session. A long, tedious yet inspirational lecture later I ran home, balanced my phone awkwardly on my makeup box, set up my phone timer and posed within the 3 second time frame. I'm pretty sure the builders outside had a right laugh seeing my leg randomly propped in the air, in order for me to show you all my cropped jeans; which didn't exactly work.
(don't watch my non existent abs..*side eye emoji*)

finding inspiration

I always find it particular hard to find inspiration at times, although I study a fashion course and am constantly inspired everyday; I sometimes find when I'm outside of that atmosphere I'm back into my slump of a lack of creativitiy. 
Inspiration is literally everywhere, and can literally be anything. So here's how I find inspiration from time to time whenever i'm in a creative slump;

milan fashion week love

I’ve been scrolling through Instagram quite frequently this week (as usual) and have seen a whole assortment of snaps from Milan Fashion Week; fascinated by the variety on the Catwalks I took myself to Vogue.com to have a more in depth insight to the different collections, and branch out and look at more unknown / smaller designers, unlike my usual favourite designers.
Firstly I was captivated by the Versace show – it was very visually pleasing and I loved the use of bold, flamboyant colours like neon blue, oranges and yellows; which worked well with the heavy eye makeup, funky hair extensions and edgy shoe choice. 

 "This is a collection about the power of women, and women who know how to use their power,” - “It is a call for unity, and the strength that comes from positivity and hope." 

The enforcement of feminism was highlighted through the whole collection, with words such as loyalty, equal, unity branded across beanies, shirt collars and body con athletic tops.
I always find it inspiring when people with big platforms, especially designers use their voice for something good, and Donatella Versace does exactly that with this collection, inspiring a mass audience who've been at the show or who blog / instagram Donatella's collection. 
For this season Edun took most inspirations for different textures and hues from artist Micalene Thomas' eccentric photographs in the book Muse. I love the simplicity in the collection also as well as the use of bold colour choices with the use of burnt oranges and reds. Prior to this I was completely clueless that Edun was a sustainable fashion label, simply because they don't have the "typical" earthy conventions, but a unique view point in terms of sustainability. The use of oversized garments, chunky turtlenecks and elongated silhouettes really works well, and stands out. 

Another favourite of mine from Marc Jacobs current collection, not going to lie I turned my nose up at him after the whole dreadlock controversy, but looks like he's bounced back my using a wide variety of models - especially women of colour to represent his Hip-Hop inspired theme. The whole set up was quite cool with no exact set up, music or iphone photography - quite interesting if I say the least. The out come definitely wrapped it all off with models playing music outside with massive surround systems taking photographers of people as they left; which I thought was quite playful and interactive. 
I haven’t really heard of Han Wen before, but their current collection immediately stuck out for me whilst I was browsing through vogue. The thing that interested me the most was the different silhouettes and shapes chosen, which are constructed to have a sort of “uncompleted” as well a put together look. Especially with the messiness of the skirt alongside the juxtaposition of the tucked / untucked shirt. It’s all a bit wacky, but works so well. It sure was hard having to narrow down a total of three looks. The same goes with Clio Peppiatt, I don't think they had a catwalk show at Milan Fashion Week but I stumbled on their collection briefly and found all their statement pieces quite load and very eye catchy, working well with the sepia tone images taken backstage. The  pops of colours and textures like fur and chiffon to work really well. I also thought the choice of models  all worked really well in their favor. I can't wait to see more snaps from Paris fashion week this upcoming month! 

- Chrissy x 
pictures found on vouge.co.uk & google

spain travel diary

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