I've been at University for around 6ish months, and I really haven't been utilizing the space I've been living in, I often forget how easy it can be to be your own photographer in that sense and have your own mini "photoshoot" session. A long, tedious yet inspirational lecture later I ran home, balanced my phone awkwardly on my makeup box, set up my phone timer and posed within the 3 second time frame. I'm pretty sure the builders outside had a right laugh seeing my leg randomly propped in the air, in order for me to show you all my cropped jeans; which didn't exactly work.
(don't watch my non existent abs..*side eye emoji*)

finding inspiration

I always find it particular hard to find inspiration at times, although I study a fashion course and am constantly inspired everyday; I sometimes find when I'm outside of that atmosphere I'm back into my slump of a lack of creativitiy. 
Inspiration is literally everywhere, and can literally be anything. So here's how I find inspiration from time to time whenever i'm in a creative slump;