A short but sweet March beauty favorites for you all, I just want to keep this simple and showcase a few things I've really been loving from the past previous months....

I picked up the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water well over 6 months ago while there was a massive 'hype' over it, & I guess I just brought it to see what all the fuss was all about. Like any makeup remover it removes my makeup pretty well. Honestly with one swipe over my eyelids nearly 80% of my eye makeup is off - which I find pretty damn exciting. As well as this it's so kind to your skin and it honestly is, just like water. 
The only con I have with this is that it doesn't remove all your makeup (depending on how much you're wearing) so I always have to wash my face afterwards.
Another favorite is the Sleek Bare Skin Foundation - I picked up the shade Hot Chocolate in Boots during the new year sales, and it's pretty much my second skin. I really like the fact, that although it's a light coverage you can easily build it up to a medium coverage. It's honestly perfect for days when I want a natural look.
I brought the TonyMoly Delight Tony Tint almost a year ago, and all I can say it's been one of my ultimate lip products. I pretty much wear this tint every single day, It's so bright and vibrant & compliments a dull outfit very well. 
I purchased the BodyShop Coconut hand cream through the middle of winter as my hands where getting soooo dry, I adore the packing so much (people have even mistaken it for hairdye??) & how small and handy it is. The smell is also divine. 
The H&M Foundation Brush was purchased awhile ago, when I was seeking for a minimalist but handy makeup brush. I love how it's angled, which allows it to get between the corners of my eyes - perfectly. 
I was given the BarryM Nail Varnish in a little goody bag around 2 years ago, at the clothes show live. I never really payed attention to it until now, it's such an effortlessly beautiful colour; and definitely one of my favorite nail varnishes.  
Last but not least, the Naked 3 Palette. I must admit I'm not the one for eye shadows, and rarely wear it. But ughh I'm in love with this palette. The colours are so heavenly and pretty~ My favorite colours are defiantly BlackHeart, MugShot & Liar. They seem to compliment each other well. 

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-Chrissy x 

Fake Flowers - Ikea
Rings - Primark, H&M & RiverIsland 

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