I've been at University for around 6ish months, and I really haven't been utilizing the space I've been living in, I often forget how easy it can be to be your own photographer in that sense and have your own mini "photoshoot" session. A long, tedious yet inspirational lecture later I ran home, balanced my phone awkwardly on my makeup box, set up my phone timer and posed within the 3 second time frame. I'm pretty sure the builders outside had a right laugh seeing my leg randomly propped in the air, in order for me to show you all my cropped jeans; which didn't exactly work.
(don't watch my non existent abs..*side eye emoji*)

Since It's currently the awkward transition from winter to spring, I struggling to find the right balance between what I want to wear, with it being weather appropriate. I love just layering and throwing a coat or scarf on a dull outfit, but it's difficult to do so because when I get to uni i'm boiling. I threw on this outfit unplanned this morning, I'm not a big fan of blue denim jeans but I thought I'd try something different, they where originally mom styled jeans from primark, but I decided to slash the hem at the bottom and was left with a pair off cropped jeans.  As pictured I paired it with a over sized cropped jumper from misguided, which has become a personal favourite off mine. I find everything cropped to be very wearable around this time off the year, as it's easy to layer as well as simple enough to stand out on its own. Cropped jumpers are definitely an essential in my wardrobe as I feel like they can be paired with absolutely anything and make an outfit look very put together, if styled in the right way. To top the outfit off I paired it with a pair of chunky boots, for height. 

-Chrissy x 

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