Style Crush | IRENE KIM

Korean model  Irene Kim • 아이린  famously known for her energetic personality, bright locks and unique sense of style.
I've been a fan of Irene for a few years, and my love for her unique style has flourished. 
Her ever so changing bright bob highlights her fashion choices, full of mixed prints, patterns and colours;
as well as her fun loving / quirky personality often sparked through street photography and her short Youtube videos 
makes me adore her even more. 
It's hard not to be completely obsessed with such a creative mind, that express her own personality through clothing
so well. Irene's sense of style has defiantly evolved through the years, from minimal and classy as well as creative and fun.
 Making it always so exciting to see how her style differs from time to time

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       -Chrissy x 

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