Plain White Tee, Black Skirt & Leather Jacket by H&M
                                                                               Black Hat by TOPSHOP
                                                                           Chunky Black Boots by EBAY 

I know I know, I haven't been very well in terms of updating regularly, and this post has been sitting in my drafts for a while 'collecting dust' due to my lazy nature. 
I've been feeling very weary lately and as usual, have no energy to do anything. I guess my mood has reflected from this constant change in weather.  
Usually when the time is warm with a slight breeze I hardly opt for bright colours (probably because my wardrobe is very monochrome..) Occasionally i'll just throw on a simplistic outfit as well as a statement piece - like a fedora, leather jacket & chunky boots (as pictured). Just for a little edge. 
Although it isn't likely wearing a leather jacket in the scorching heat, I don't see the harm in carrying it around in case it suddenly decides to rain or get slightly chilly. 
When it gets sunnier and the sky is brighter it's always nice to step outside for a while, and just admire your surroundings. 

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       -Chrissy x 

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