Favorite Drug Store Lipsticks

 There’s nothing as fierce as an individual in lipstick. I love the way that a subtle or even bold lip can instantly evaluate someone’s features and complete the simplest of looks. Over the years I’ve consumed A LOT of lipstick products, which strangely started when I started collecting all the Fizzy drink flavor lip balms they used to sell in Claire’s and Primark. The memory of me sitting in a lesson and applying a dash of Cherry Coca Cola lip balm and frequently licking my lips, and being astonished that my lips tasted like my favorite drink – blew my mind. Anyway, here are just a few of my favorite / everyday drugstore lipsticks that I can’t live without. 
Collection Lip Butter - Perfect Plum 2:99 Definitely my go to lip butter as its so moisturizing and creamy making it an absolute dream. I also love how it stays on for the whole day which is also a plus. Another plus about this product is that the colour isn't overly bright so it isn't so overpowering on my skin tone. It's a really subtle so it's an easy everyday wear. 

Makeup Revlon Lip Lava Lipstick - FireStorm 2:99 
The first thing I noticed about this product is how much it resembled the Too Faced Melted lipstick's, though different in terms of packaging it offers such a vibrant colour. The Lip Lava's are described as an intense lipstick formula, melted to create an impactful gloss. Smooth and comfortable wear, with long lasting formula with Vitamin E. Initially I thought it was a lip gloss, although it does apply as a glossy texture it dulls down to a smooth satiny finish - which is what I like about it the most.  I usually wear this on top of matte lipstick for a little more of a bold lip. 

New Look Pure Colour - Velvet Matte Lipstick - 3:99
This little beauty was mentioned in my September favorites, I love how well this lipstick compliments my skin tone. It's a burgundy colour that instantly compliments a dull / dark outfit. 

Barry M - 160 - 3:99 
I can't put into words on how much I adore this lipstick - the colour is simply gorgeous. A mix of burgundy with deep purple hues. It was a spontaneous buy but I'm so in love with the colour. 

Unknown Name - 4:99
I honestly can't remember the name of this product, and have been trying to find the name of it for far too long (apologizes!) I do know it's part of a Kardashian beauty line. I love the overall colour of this product, it's a mixture of red as well as a blood orange, it also comes with a lip-gloss (not pictured). All in all I love how well this applies and how long lasting it is. 

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