Life Update ♡

Bi*ch, I'm back, By Popular Demand. Okay, maybe not by popular demand but you get the gist. It’s been three months since I last posted on here, and nearly a month since I finished up all of my exams and two long years at sixth form. Within this very lengthy hiatus, I’ve been stressing over final exams, finalizing coursework ect ect. As well as finally finalizing my decision on what I’d like to study at University. I haven’t really mentioned it on here, but I’ve decided to take a plunge in the deep end and go ahead and study fashion. After pretty much a very frustrating process and drawing options from a hat (yes, you can judge me). I finally decided to go with my general gut instinct, as life’s too short and university is way too expensive. I mean everything can go to plan or completely fail, but I trust my instinct. (eeek). 

As well as finally deciding what I want to do at University, I have turned eighteen and as mentioned finished two very stressful at sixth form. These are two very major milestones of this year, and the whole concept is still pretty foreign to me. I still sometimes have to put life on pause for a while and realize really how quickly life is going. It’s absolutely crazy, and has definitely made me really believe that life really is short. I can honestly ramble forever, but to wrap it all up I'm hopefully going to try and put forward 100% into blogging as it's a huge passion of mine. So be prepared for some top quickly content (ha!). See you all soon ;) 

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