The power of the pyjama

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The Pyjama Trend, undoubtedly one of the most unlikely trends of this year. Yet surprisingly the Pyjama dressing has remained a constant trend in fashion's revolving door of trends, quoted by Instyle magazine.
Blossoming from the likes of classic men's Pyjamas, the trend has seen the likes of various high end designers, including; Celine, Balenciaga and Dolce and Gabbana; Where I have seen the likes of designers showcase a more refined idea of Pyjama dressing - featuring silk robes, silky camisoles and silk like trousers which have made their way down most spring/summer 2016 catwalks.
Due to it's high popularity and likability the trend has also been picked up from popular high street stores like H&M and ZARA.

Unlike most trends the Pyjama Trend provides a flattering and easy to wear silhouette which is adopted by various body types. Embracing a multiple of looks; whilst still stating the whole meaning of stylishly comfortable as well as promoting the infamous like - "I woke up like this!"
Though the trend was hot during the spring/summer season, I still feel as if the trend isn't going out of trend any time soon. Even though people don't fully conform to the trend, and will wear either the box like silhouette tee paired with the classic skinny jean or the palazzo type trousers with a cropped jumper; which is simple but undoubtedly fashionable.

- Chrissy x 

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