spain travel diary

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Rewind to Summer 2016, where sunglasses, various off the shoulder tops, booty shorts and bathing suits where flung into bright red suitcases, sealed and then wheeled to Birmingham airport. Imagine that, our first family holiday abroad had finally come about; and to say the least we were buzzed to be going to somewhere other than the typical Butlin’s or Haven holiday park (no shade..) 
I had watched tons of Chriselle Lim’s in flight pampering routine on snapchat and travel tips and essentials on Youtube, so I was obviously prepared and ready to go; I settled for my trusty mom jeans and a satin bomber jacket and was ready to jet off. Despite the squeals and hand holding whilst taking off and landing. 

My parents had made the decision to go to the not so sunny island of Lanzorate, Spain. We were situated on the outskirts of Costa Teguise, and was around 10 minutes away from the beach. I found this to be perfect as whenever we walked to the beach we got to cut through the tourist district full of swanky restaurants / bars and quirky souvenir shops. Giving us a perfect opportunity to  have a wonder around the island. However, we must of came at the wrong time because it was super windy; apart from that the weather wasn't overly hot or cold which allowed me to wear light weight jackets without feeling too hot.

For the duration of the holiday we stayed at the ever so beautiful; Hotel Beatriz Costa Teguise & Spa. It was my second time staying at a proper hotel so I was excited to be in this atmosphere again, it sure was luxurious walking into the most prettiest marble bathroom in our bedroom. Seeing as my sisters and I got a sea front view we could see the pool from our balcony alongside the dusty cliffs which offered the most beautiful juxtaposition. It sure was beautiful having the luxury of just sitting outside and looking at the view. 

F O O D 
Calories definitely do not count whilst on holiday, well they definitely didn't for the duration of this holiday. My diet pretty much consisted off fry ups for breakfast everyday (yes everyday without fail) LOADS of bread and a unlimited supply of Piña colada and Fanta lemonade. Looking bad it probably wasn't the most healthiest decision I've ever made but it sure was good in the moment - can't say no unlimited food and drink ;) 

W H A T   W E   D I  D 
Everyday was pretty much an adventure, if we weren't sight seeing and mingling with the ever so lovely locals, we enjoying a new chill day by the pool. Looking back one of the most memorable moments is when we went on a boat ride in the ocean,  I was crazy scared and replayed that horrifying scene from Titanic in my head about 50 times. Never the less it was an amazing experience, we were treated as pirates of the ship and were given head scarfs to tie around our head or neck. During the space of 30 minutes after they dropped the anchor in the middle of the ocean, I went on a jet ski and briefly swam in the ocean (by briefly I mean briefly, after two minutes of hitting the water I had a panic attack and thought I was going to drown - my trust for life jackets is very slim. But I bet I put on a show with all the kicking and screaming I did hahaha.
Getting dipped in waves, eating fresh pasta and chilling on the front of the boat with the sun beaming down, sure was moment I'll never forget. 

Can't wait to see where I'll go on holiday next..

- Chrissy x 


  1. Spain looks so beautiful and incredible! Love your photo edits by the way :)
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