gucci x meme?

The whole Gucci x meme appeared on my instagram feed around three weeks ago, although I'm slightly late to this Meme party, I still thought I'd write up a short post around this unexpected form of advertising. 
First things first I love Memes. I was firstly introduced to the wonderful world of memes through twitter, they're random, wacky, and weirdly relatable on some levels. I believe the art of memes are able to uphold as well as express feelings that are sometimes better said through images; followed by a short witty caption that has little to no content, but almost 9/10 hilarious. 

My favourite memes are possibly the Arhur fist, the "white guy blinking meme" and not forgetting the Kermit the from ones. Memes are pretty much in every situations, feeling down? a meme will probably sum up your current feeling pretty well. I particularly like to use this when I'm too lazy to type out my emotions, or for it to support how i'm feeling. So if I'm happy, a random meme of a guy dancing will probably be supported with this current emotion. Similar to emoji's in a way, but these moving images are often taken from pretty much anything, from cartoon's or a live stream. If it's funny someones bound to record that 30 second clip, and make it into a meme. 

With memes being another form of expression on the wonderful wide web, it was no surprise that Gucci's creative director Alessandro Michele wouldn't jump onto this teenage craze. With many brands wanting to reconnect with a younger audience in multiple ways, I do personally believe this is the most creative. Alessandro invites multiple meme creators to come up with memes around the theme #TWFgucci, which addresses "relatable" situations centered around Gucci watches. I love the idea that Gucci brings recognition to these creators by tagging them in the posts on instagram and giving a short discription about the creator, which I thought was particularly interesting as it promotes the creator without stealing their work. 

These meme's pretty much flooded every time of platform out there, but J first saw it on Instagram. In all honestly I was quite surprised at this "different" approach, making me believe that Gucci has been hacked. Yet, this approach is brilliant, fresh, innovative and definitely fits with the "Gen Z" society. Although many individuals are scratching their head at Gucci's sudden idea to promote watches through memes, I believe it's a pretty  smart move from Alessandro, who states that this form of advertising is to - "engage with a wider creative community than that which traditionally locates around the world of fashion". 
I think this has just made me love Gucci even move, and another they aren't using memes to promote there watches anymore, I do believe this approach will go down in fashion history.
What are your views on the whole Gucci x meme trend? 

Thanks for reading
-Chrissy X 

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