fcp tuesday

Just a really quick post today, in one of my seminars last Tuesdays titled - fcp tuesday we were given a short activity to do by one of the tutors. Since our fragrance photo shoots are soon, throughout the week the perspective of photography and just photography on a whole has been a main feature within our lectures. 
We where given around twenty minutes or so to walk around the building and photographs from different perspectives, which I thought was quite insightful as it allowed us to view everyday situations that are often missed, in a different perspective. Here are some of the photographs that I took, I didn't want to focus too much on making an image 'perfect' and went for a more candid approach, seen particularly through the last photograph when my friend abruptly walked past whilst I was taking the photograph - nice touch if I say so myself. 
My favourite photo would definitely would have to be the first one, seeing as the photograph has been seen through the perspective of a iphone.

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