bye bye 2017 x

 There it is, just like that 2017 has come and gone in a blink off an eye. I've finally gotten chance to sit down, clear my mind and reflect on the year; since I’ve dedicated my four-week Christmas holiday on my toes juggling uni work as well as just work in general – no wonder why the last month has gone ridiculously fast. Looking back 2017 was such a wonderful year in certain aspects, although there have been days where I have been clinging onto the idea of the day closing to an end just, so I can wake up the next day and start a fresh. As well as being wrapped up in a bubble of happiness and not wanting an experience, feeling or day to end at all; which is why I love the whole aspects off starting new days, months and a new year because it's just a new slate and can be away to just start fresh. Whatever it is. And although a social construct I love the whole concept of a new year, an array off months ready to be unpacked as the days gone on.

2017 was such a learning lesson for me, especially to the end off the year when I actually put my own life as well as goals into perspective. It was all just a big old roller coaster experience and looking back quite a lot of things happened good or bad. I finished first year at uni, celebrated a year with the boyf and all the other little things between. But on the other side my health deteriorated and I was in and out off hospital and my anxiety got really bad when I came back to uni over summer (I might write a post on anxiety, maybe??) However all off these experiences have been a learning curve in my life and I do try to take every single experience good or bad with a pinch off salt and too get on with it as best as I can; and off course I'll be carrying out this mentality into the new year. Since I'm really trying to just live my best life ya know, positive and stress free!! 
2017, you've been alright you know and I'm so grateful I was able to start and finish 2017 with my loved ones and to just be in such good company.
In terms of new year resolutions I'm just going by the motto off - live yo best life and too almost to just believe in myself more and start just doing me and focusing on myself and mental health more. sweeet, I'll be blogging (hopefully) more too, since it's a massive love off mine and I really want to grow my love for blogging as well as content creating - maybe might slide a youtube channel in the mixer If i'm feeling' it? Who knows what the future holds. I'm heading to Berlin on saturday a well so content will follow on what I got up too whilst I was out there - berlin fashion show and loads of exhibitions i'm ready for ya!! Sorry about how random, and rushed this post is but I hope you enjoying reading it.
See you all soon 
- Chrissy X 

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