If you don’t know already I have a massive love for pointed shoes, there’s something so timeless as well as clean when it comes to visualizing pointed boots / shoes. I instantly knew I was in luck when I found these beauties on JustFab.com. 

It’s apparent my pointed shoe collection is growing, after I fell in love with a pair around 3 years ago. 
However, with that pair slowly getting overused and battered, I knew it was time that I needed something new and sharp.
The Evie shoe is described as the – classic oxford, with an almond toe and front zipper.
In my opinion, as well as the pointed toe the small zipper detail caught my eye immediately, making the shoe stand out much more – which can simply dress and outfit up or down. 
As well as its visual aesthetic, the Evie shoe is sturdy, easy to walk in and not to mention super stylish. Although slightly expensive (£35) if you’re on a budget, these shoes are defiantly worth the splurge. 

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       -Chrissy x 

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  1. You can get the Evie shoe for $5.74 with today's new "VIP" member discount (75% off)! The shipping makes it around $10 in the end, but it might be worth making a new account to get the offer!