September Favorites

Hello October!I still can’t fully grasp how fast September has come and gone, this is year is honestly flying by super-duper quickly...
 The first favorite of mine defiantly has to be Popcorn – an usual one I know. ..But popcorn is such a classic snack. How could you not love it?
I’ve slowly but surely already snacked through a whole box of butter popcorn, and I have no intention of stopping – it’s so just SO addictive.
Although slightly time consuming I always buy microwavable popcorn, there’s something so ‘pleasing’ about hearing the little kernels pop, and then tearing the bag open to be devoured by a sweet buttery smell – yum!
Another favorite of mine is the MaryKay Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover – I was in desperate need of a new makeup remover seeing as my Micellar Cleansing water is clinging for its life (it’s lasted so so long though!)
Having a family that is super consistent with skincare always comes at an advantage, so I was able to find this little beauty hidden in my bathroom.
I’m still dazzled on how easily it removes heavy eye makeup in a few swipes, without leaving any smudges.
The packaging is also handy too when traveling as it’s a slender design.
 I purchased the Casio Alarm Chronograph lookalike watch over a year ago in a market stall in London, I instantly fell in love sleek and old school style as well as the dainty yet classic vibe behind it; with it being only £10 I couldn’t stay no to purchasing it. Defiantly my favorite type of arm candy this month. 
 A very random favorite, but I really love the little samples you get once purchasing perfume – I was given about 20 miniature – Daisy By Marc Jacob ones.
They're super handy and convenient and with it being so small it makes it so much easy to carry around with me. Instead of carrying around an expensive perfume bottle.
I brought the Sleek Face Contour Kit (Dark 889) and a Velvet Matte Lipstick upon a crazy shopping trip a while back.
I’ve been looking for a good contour kit for so long and I was so delighted when I came across this one, I’m in love with the simplistic packaging and how well the highlighter complements my skin tone.
I actually picked up the Velvet Matte Lipstick at Newlook (£3.99) I love how deep the colour is, making it perfect for the autumn season.
 Another market stall treat is this – Cross Over satchel bag that echos the Chloe – Faye bag.
I’ve been eyeing up the Faye bag ever since it came out and of course my heart was crushed upon seeing the hefty price tag. I was a little hesitant on buying it as it's obviously not the real thing, but I came into realization that I wasn’t going to afford to buy the real thing anytime soon; let alone any designer bag.
Life’s hard when you’re a broke teenager with expensive taste.
Overall I’m madly in love with this design, it’s just so chic and a perfect statement piece.
 Last but not least are these Chunky Boots - JustFab.Com – as you may know already I love a pair of chunky boots especially with a pointed toe! I was defiantly in luck when I found these on, there just so stylish and affordable just how I like it. 

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       -Chrissy x 


  1. Such nice favourites! We especially love your bag, it looks like such a nice piece for this season tat you can wear with anything :)
    Feel free to check out our latest post x