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Favorite memories from 2015
Hello again, just popping in with a little post to wish you all a Happy New year. It's been so long since I've last posted on here - yet not intentionally. I wanted a fresh start and I thought it would be a perfect idea to start in the New year. Primarily because the last three months have been so draining and I haven't been the slightest bit productive, as of this I've lacked interest in blogging and it's grown apparent that all my focus and creativity had combusted into thin air.

 However during this process I've made minor changes within my blog - I've updated my layout as well as changed my URL to something more personal to myself, in hopes to motivate myself to blog frequently. I hope to put forward a lot of content this year and really up my game because I've been slacking, and I have a lot of passion towards writing and piecing my own ideas together. So keep your eyes peeled for a new content in the up coming months. 
To wrap things up 2015 has definitely been a year of reflection in terms of figuring out my own personal goals and what I want to do in the future..and I must say it's ended on a high - especially with me applying to uni and getting offers! 
I hope I continue progressing in the New Year, and Lastly, I'm hoping for new adventures, lots of laughter as well as new opportunities in 2016. Happy New Year guys!

2016 resolutions 
1. To drink two bottles of water a day
2. Blog frequently 
3. To stay on top of school work 
4. Use my phone less
5. Eat healthier as well as exercise frequently. 

What are your New year resolutions? 

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